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New balls from January to March 2019


Magic Cecio 95 50 Jahre Porz Breminho cup 2019 Winner Trofeo Nissan 19 Top Ten Trofeo Nissan 19 Bandi 60 Mighty Ballz 16.   Le Maitre Jean-Luc Nihoul 15 Anos AJMP 19 Casper    Ferngesteuert  …

PF 2019



New balls from September to December 2018


BOC WDM 2017 Paulinho World Champion 2018 strokeplay Alena Doleželová World Champion 2018 matchplay Monika Minaříková Willert 2018/1 Michi und Uwe 2018 BGC Schloss Paffendorf 2018 Wien Rot-Gold 50 Jahre Mighty Ballz 15 Matzel 117 Rene…

Repair MTG Blansko


At the beginning of this year we were approached by mini golf playground operators from Blansko with a request for partial reconstruction. By mutual agreement this partial reconstruction took place at the end of this season. A total of…

New balls August 2018


Klausi 50 MGV De Veluwe Kör Vi Sverige Schlossbergpokal 2018 Pegnitz UFFA e son 60  

New balls July 2018


40 Jaar MGC Aalsmeer BM 2017 Jean-Pierre Jacob BOC BM 2016 Pascal Hansen BOC BM 2017 Lucie BETSCH 60 “il terrun”Dieter Kaufmann 60 ans KMGC Esneux    

Greengolf repair Most


The unique greengolf playground is part of the rich program of the largest swimming pool in Most – Aquadrom Most. Playgrounds with tracks, some of which reach a remarkable 18 meters, give respect and appeal to…

New balls June 2018


Svensk Mästare 2014 Julle Enköpings BGK 65 år 1953 – 2018 Gerd Andersson 50 år som bangolfspelare Mighty Ballz 14 Jakob 70 René Šimanský 50 MGC Wetzlar Remon Verveer Meta & Evert Nadja & Stefan  

Courses repair Budišov n. Budišovkou


This year’s holiday can be enjoyed by minigolf supporters in the newly reconstructed playground in Budišov nad Budišovkou. The original plates had signs of significant wear, and there was nothing left to do to throw in…

New balls May 2018


Elias Z Private #1 Elias Z Private #2 Elias Z Private #3 Elias Z Private #4 Elias Z Private #5 Ich liebe Dich 2017 World Champion Deaf Senior Alfredo Meanti 2017 World Champion Deaf Elite male Mirko Petracchi 2017 World…

Assembly of new boards Dolní Bečva


The end of May was sunny and it means optimal conditions for reconstruction, repairs and other improvements. That is why we went to the small village of Dolní Bečva near the well-known Radhošt mountain. The HOBBYGOLF…

Courses repair Rožnov p. Radhoštěm


At the end of April, we visited the Beskydy Relax Hotel in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where it was necessary to repair tracks: Salto, Sticks, Passages and Straight lane with jump. As can be seen from the…