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They are determined as a supplement to our offer and present an essential part of each course along with practical selection of red or blue colour. Basic series of balls is according to parameters selected so that they can be used on all the tracks and cover a wide spectrum of behaviour in case of individual obstacles. Thanks to this feature, it can be recommended also for beginners who have not decided to go professional as yet. In this case, our basic set is an undemanding financial investment and a great testing opportunity. For the general public, we offer these 3 unvarnished (raw) balls of our own production that are varied in colour and bounce and also one plastic ball. These are:

  • Blue rubber ball – jump 5 cm
  • Green rubber ball – jump 20 cm
  • Brown rubber ball – jump 40 cm
  • Red plastic ball

Complete set as well as individual balls can be purchased here.

minigolf BALLS – PRO

The designation PRO is for balls that are modified for competitive game. They differ firstly in surface, bounce and hardness, and secondly according to their size – small (K), middle (M) and big (G). These are important parameters that predetermine the behaviour of the ball on the track and their suitability for the type of game.

In terms of surface, we distinguish the following types of balls with their characteristic, internationally acknowledged marking:

  • Unvarnished balls – R – rough balls, with no surface treatment
  • Unvarnished balls very rough – RR
  • Balls with flat paint – Lm
  • Balls with classical paint – L
  • Balls with water-based paint – X
  • Balls with flat water-based paint – Xm

Jump of the ball indicates capability of the ball to bounce; we distinguish on the scale from 0 cm up to maximum of 85 cm (according to WMF standards). In case of rubber balls, this property is influenced by surrounding temperature significantly. That is the reason behind professional players trying to stabilize behaviour of the ball by means of cooling or heating. Table values are measured at 22 °C and spring-back from 1 m above hard base (for example concrete).

Ball hardness is measured in Shore degrees. The higher the value will be, the harder the ball. Soft balls are prone to deformation and cause a different spring-back than balls with higher level of hardness. Each track requires different approach and therefore wide spectrum of balls with different hardness is appreciated.

At present, we are producing our own professional balls under the brand of SV Golf and Willert. In addition to them, our standard portfolio is enriched annually by special series for foreign minigolf clubs and players with whom we like cooperating. Hundreds of custom-made balls from all over the world are the result of that cooperation.

If our offer is interesting for you, do not hesitate and visit our on-line shop or contact us using the form under the section Contacts. We can prepare a tailored offer for you and in case of interest in having a custom ball manufactured, use the below-attached form where you can fill in all the data necessary for the production. Our specialty is the type of balls named SMALL SERIES – and on request we can send you the currently available balls with given parameters and you can choose colour of the ball and the logo. Prices for the balls differ according to number of pieces ordered, complexity of the logo and other specific requirements.

We do not neglect foreign competitors and you can find balls of brands Ravensburg, 3D, Reisinger and M&G in our on-line shop.