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Can I see goods from on-line shop somewhere personally?

Yes, you can. We are regular participants in minigolf tournaments in the Czech Republic and these are the places where you can see our balls, clubs and other goods. Another possibility is to contact us and schedule a visit to our company. In this case, contact us in advance and we will prepare the required goods for you. Also prepare any questions you might have and our experienced staff will do their best to answer them for you. We do not have a brick-and-mortar store.

I would like to order a ball with my own logo. How can I get that done?

At present, we are offering several possibilities to our customers to obtain balls according to their own requirements. An absolutely new ball with personal parameters and logo is one of them. In this case, minimum delivery amount is 61 pieces (with possibility of exceptions). To place an order, you can use the order form on the BALLS site and send that to us along with required logo. Another less-expensive option involves players choosing from the “small series” of balls. Upon request, we can send you a list of off-the-shelf balls and you can choose a particular version, tell us the amount and we can tailor the surface, colour and logo of the ball.

I am a total beginner in minigolf. Are there instructions anywhere on how to play individual tracks?

When beginning with playing minigolf, it is ideal to visit the closest minigolf club in your city or town and start training with experienced players who would definitely provide the proper coaching. List of minigolf clubs and centres is to be found on websites of ČMGS. Online, you can find many Czech as well as foreign tutorials instructing how to play individual tracks. So, feel free to do it!

Can you explain what the difference between “big” and “small” golf is?

You walk more in case of big golf, especially if you are often looking for ballsJ. On a more serious note, in addition to evident differences in appearance of the course, there is a difference in requirements on players and equipment. Principle of the game in both formats is basically the same – to get ball in the hole with least possible number of strokes. Player of big golf must have at his or her disposal, a large number of clubs, while the ball is the same. In case of minigolf, you have only one club, but hundreds of balls. Minigolf does not put great demands on physical condition but you have to be able to concentrate absolutely so that you hit the ball at the very first try. Further attempts will put you away from the medal. Also, strategic preparation consisting of choice of the right balls is very important. But more about this next time…

Why are there so many types of balls? What are they good for?

Briefly, we can say that each track requires its own ball with its characteristic slide and spring-back. We shouldn’t forget the three types of track surface – ether board, felt and concrete. And now if we consider that balls are made of rubber and minigolf is played mostly outside, you can see the misfortune in this. Fluctuating outside temperature significantly influences behaviour of the ball and subsequently also chances of success. Maybe this is the beauty of minigolf – to outwit our competitor with choice of suitable ball strategically and to breathe optimum performance into the game.

Why minigolf?

Minigolf is a great challenge for all participants involved. Minigolf deletes differences that would present an unconquerable barrier or handicap in other sports. Minigolf is an interesting recreational diversification but you can look at in the same manner as competitive sports discipline that is awarded with international successes in the Czech Republic. Minigolf does not put excessive demands on physical fitness; you can play it in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, before or after eating with minimum risk of injury. The greatest advantage is intergenerational connection. Representatives of all age categories meet each other at the tournaments and spend nice days full of competitive tension, tactics, experience transfer and joy of the game.

World Minigolfsport Federation and certification of courses

For the needs of competitive minigolf, WMF determined binding rules for building of minigolf courses. WMF as an independent body does not recommend any company as a supplier of courses and leaves all competence on national associations that specify own national certification rules for building competitive minigolf courses in dependence on general requirement of WMF. Czech Minigolfsport Association ensures international WMF certificate for courses meeting all requirements that is valid for 3 years with possibility of revalidating. Tournaments underlying ČMGS and WMF can be played only on certified minigolf courses. List of certified courses can be found at .