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Within our social responsibility, we are aware of our obligations and closely cooperate with the club MGC Olomouc which is regularly represented by their great results on the Czech as well as international scene. It is our pleasure that we can support development of youth on their way to a healthy life style and fair-play principles which they can surely apply in their future life as well.

Annually, we are looking at our youngest hopefuls within Czech minigolf who reward us with their wonderful results and sincere solidarity. So, let us wish them the best possible progress and maximum utilization of their potential as young talents.

It is worth mentioning that many members of the Olomouc team are part of the Czech minigolf representation and thanks to them, the Czech Republic harvests appreciation and respect from the world in this discipline.

If you want to see our champions training, you can visit one of the minigolf courses in Olomouc. In case of adverse weather, there is Indoor minigolf in the shopping centre Olomouc City, otherwise outdoor course in the premises of Lokomotiva of Olomouc.

If you are interested in minigolf and would like to explore it more, look at websites of MGC Olomouc and feel free to agree an invitation for training.


Would you like to support minigolf in Olomouc?

No problem! By means of unique project, also you can contribute to development of minigolf sport! If you like on-line shopping, remember us when doing so! And how does it work?

Your shopping = our pleasure

Project associates our partnership on-line shops which obliged themselves to give a percentage from their customers´ shopping for charitable purposes according to their personal preference. Contributors do not pay a crown more. Reputable on-line shops are available to be selected! You do not have to give up your favourite shopkeepers and their high-quality services. Practically, it works as follows:

  1. Visit websites
  2. Choose a shop in which you would like to buy.
  3. Choose an organization which you would like to support – ideally, it could be MGC Olomouc.
  4. Click on button “start shopping”.
  5. You can purchase in your favourite on-line shop with a good feeling that you are supporting a good thing.

More advanced users can install Add-ons to their browsers that give alerts and notifications regarding developments in the project automatically and steps 1 to 4 can be skipped so. All contributions will be used for operational and sports activity of the club MGC Olomouc.

Thank you very much for your contribution and interest!