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Service & maintenance

Perfect cleanliness is a part of standard maintenance that supports long service life of high-quality materials. But what to do when ordinary cleaning isn’t sufficient? Even when you do your best, you can feel that below-mentioned critical situations are on their way…

  • Does it look like that the best years of your course are over?
  • Balls have not been rolling as good as they did in the past? And it is almost impossible to score?
  • It is not possible to recognize which track is which and some of obstacles are even missing?
  • Disappointed players leave and return-customers are decreasing?


Do not hesitate and contact us! Above-mentioned points only show that it is the right time for repair so that your course can last into the following years and make the players happy! Together we will renew faded glory and gloss of all the tracks so that you can again enjoy your game and have a good time with being successful in your sport.

What do we need to be able to help you?

Before contacting us, please take photos of the problematic track or the whole course. Send us photographs taken along with the information how you would imagine relevant action and what required results should look like. We will try to satisfy your needs, or advise you about more suitable actions and send you proposals for solution along with price quotations. After our agreement, we select the best action plan and date of implementation. Then you can look forward to our experienced workers who will tune your new minigolf to the very last screw.

A wide offer of spare parts enabling partial reconstruction is available, in case that other track parts are still in good condition. Our range of goods includes various types of laminated and metal obstacles, plates and other necessary accessories for proper functionality of tracks. Images of mentioned parts are in the photo gallery below. If you are interested in a spare part, contact us by means of contact form or via e-mail. We will send you a price quotation and delivery conditions.