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The group SV GOLF was founded in 1991 by active players of track golf with the aim to promote this small sport discipline and shift it closer to the general public. In the 1990´s, deliveries of minigolf courses were matter of Sdružení SV GOLF and production of minigolf balls under the brand of SV GOLF ran independently. In 2004, Sdružení SV GOLF was transformed to SV GOLF s.r.o. and since 2011, offer of minigolf courses was extended by production of minigolf balls. At present, company SV GOLF s.r.o. specializes in production of five types of track golf courses – MINIATURGOLF, HOBBYGOLF, GREENGOLF, MINIGREENGOLF and BETON and production of minigolf balls for general public as well as for racing.

Production of the most widespread type of course in the Czech Republic, MINIATURGOLF, has passed through considerable quality development since 1991 within our company. Pursuant to environmental requirements, fibrocement was replaced by asbestos-free cement material and metal parts were offered in zinc-coated (galvanized) treatment as well. As soon as 1992, a delivery of MINIATURGOLF was directed to the place of European Championship in Switzerland, which caused gradual enlistment of Sdružení SV GOLF among important European producers of courses for track golf. Deliveries of courses as well as spare parts followed then not only to domestic market, but also abroad (Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Venezuela and Slovakia).

In late 1990´s, the Sdružení SV GOLF made an important announcement; compact minigolf courses under the names HOBBYGOLF and HOBBYGREEN which soon attracted customers in many  villages, guest houses and small recreational facilities. This type of minigolf course is built where there are concerns regarding space and expenses while preserving the attraction of the game itself.

At the beginning of this century, the association SV GOLF came into market with the minigolf course GREENGOLF (competitive version) and recreational version MINIGREENGOLF and with minigolf course of type BETON with international supplier as well.

Company SV GOLF s.r.o. ensures also consultancy in the field of competitive as well as recreational minigolf, consultancy in the field of repairs and renewal of minigolf courses and production of minigolf balls according to requirements of the best minigolf players in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe. In on-line shop offer, you can see also other supplementary goods related to minigolf game.

Company SV GOLF s.r.o. is the only Czech company to be a gold sponsor of the World Minigolfsport Federation as well as the only holder of the ČMGS licence for building of sport minigolf courses issued by the Czech Minigolf Association (Český minigolfový svaz z.s.).